About D Marie Ramsey


Nightlife-New Orleans

I write about what I see and experience as I sail and  travel. My posts center around photos because for me, it is the visual experience that tells a story. I am a photographer with a phone camera and an adventurer loaded with anxiety. I am a triathlete who can not stand to get out of bed in the morning. Nothing in my travels ever goes as planned, yet somehow what transpires is more nuanced, complex and revealing than I ever could have imagined. I want the reader to be right there with me in my travels.

I named this blog “Midnight Voyageurs” when I first wrote about crossing Lake Superior by sail boat and traveling through the night to get to Isle Royale. “Voyageurs” is a French word, meaning “traveler.” Historically, it refers to the French-Canadian canoe men who navigated Lake Superior in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries transporting fur and goods. My writings now cover more than sailing to include other destinations and adventures. Even though these travels do not take place at midnight, usually, I feel that leaving home always carries some darkness in the unknown that lies ahead.  For this blog,”Midnight” means that I will not always be writing about the picture-perfect experiences of travel and adventure, but will also cover the grittier aspects-the unhappy times when the outside world will not cooperate and my husband and I must negotiate difficult circumstances or when sometimes, somehow, the trip just gets really weird. I write from what I see and feel and how an experience is captured in my photos. What I say might be fact, fiction or half-truth, depending on your view.


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